CGT Global Response to Inaccurate and False Information about Tissue Procurement

Recently you may have seen some misleading articles involving StemExpress and the preliminary hearing in People of the State of California v. David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. The defendants and various organizations that support them have put a lot of effort into spreading false and inaccurate information about StemExpress and tissue procurement in general.

The criminal defendants, Daleiden and Merritt, have been charged with multiple counts of violation of the California Penal Code and Conspiracy for illegally recording private conversations with people in the biotech and healthcare industries without their knowledge or consent. Among those that were illegally recorded were certain StemExpress personnel.

Those StemExpress personnel are victims and witnesses to crimes charged against Daleiden and Merritt. Daleiden and Merritt’s criminal defense strategy includes a disinformation campaign against StemExpress. StemExpress does not believe it is appropriate to comment on specifics of the ongoing prosecution or to give credence to false allegations that have been leveled against it during the course of that case. StemExpress has confidence the true facts will come out in court and that justice will be served. StemExpress has, and will continue to, work with local and State law enforcement agencies—all of whom have been very supportive.

We appreciate the continued support that we have received and will remain focused on our mission of supporting life-saving research.

For additional information, click HERE to read an article written by The Washington Post or for additional information regarding the preliminary hearing, click HERE to read an article published by For more information about the importance of using human cells and tissue to advance medical research, click HERE to watch a video.