Cell Processing and Isolation

Customize By Your Needs

CGT Global Cell Processing and Isolation

Obtaining a specific primary cell population from human tissue can be time-consuming and costly. If not done quickly and properly, cell viability and recovery can be compromised, creating new challenges to overcome and delays in your research.

To provide high-quality cells to scientists and keep their research moving forward, each CGT Global Stem Cell Collection Center houses an on-site state-of-the-art laboratory, providing an end-to-end service whereby cells are processed, isolated, and cryopreserved or shipped out fresh immediately after collection from a donor. This end-to-end service provides accountability and traceability for each product that leaves our facilities. Additionally, all methods involved in tissue collection, cell processing, cell isolation, and analysis follow strict guidelines and quality standards ensuring consistent, compliant, viable, and pure cells with guaranteed cell counts.

We work with each client to make sure they receive the right primary cells for their project. Therefore, each step of the process is customizable to suit the specific needs of the client, starting with the right donor with specific attributes to isolating and analyzing a specialized cell type.

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Cell Processing Options

Success Starts at the Source

Customize By Your Needs

  • Donor selection
  • Tissue processing procedures
  • Cell isolation procedures
  • Cell phenotyping
  • Multiple cell types from a collection
  • Cell culture
  • Custom vialing and cell counts
  • Mobilization process
  • Media and anticoagulants
  • Shipping requirements

High-Quality Primary Cells

CGT Global takes the necessary steps to assure regulatory compliance in the production of high-quality human primary cells that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and requirements. All tissue collection, cell processing, cell isolation, and cell analysis methods are conducted using approved written procedures performed by trained, qualified personnel in accordance with cGMP guidelines and with strict quality assurance oversight and review.

  • GLP regulatory-compliant collection centers and laboratories
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) regulatory compliance
  • Raw Material Handling and Tracking System
  • Quality Tracking System
  • Audit Management System
  • Corrective Action/Preventive Action System
  • Training compliance documentation
  • Vendor Qualification Program
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