About CGT Global

CGT Global is a life-science company dedicated to advancing medical science

Time Is Of The Essence

Every day, researchers around the world are looking for new treatments and cures for significant diseases. In order to conduct this vital research, they need biospecimens from donors, both healthy and diseased. They use these biospecimens to test applications, discover new drugs, and create new diagnostic and surgical devices.

The speed at which research and clinical trials are conducted can be significantly hampered by the time it takes to collect these biospecimens. Delays in sample collection can be due to the time it takes to recruit unique donors, the collection of specific blood products, or the isolation of primary cells needed for a study. In some cases, the process of acquiring the right donors can add upwards of five to ten years to a project, and consequently a long delay for patients waiting for a solution.

In 2010, CGT Global was created to change the entire industry by accelerating research and clinical trials through the implementation of our own Stem Cell Collection Centers, state-of-the-art cell manufacturing laboratories, and by actively creating the largest global network of hospitals and clinics to push research and studies forward, quicker and more efficiently. By shortening the time it takes to collect samples or isolate primary cells, we can help reduce months, and even years off a project. That means new cures and treatments can reach patient care faster, giving months and years back to the people afflicted with serious medical conditions.



About Us

CGT Global is on a mission to transform the life science and medical industries. Their commitment is to expedite research, accelerate clinical trials, streamline the commercialization process, and broaden patient access to life-changing therapies. For over 14 years, the company has achieved success through their rapidly growing healthcare network and their own CGT Clinics positioned around the United States. This global network is enhancing access, enabling patients to receive these therapies. At the heart of CGT Global’s operations logistics lies cutting-edge cell manufacturing laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. By speeding up the end-to-end process, they ensure that new cures and treatments are delivered to patients faster than ever before. This means giving precious months and years back to those facing serious medical conditions.

How We Help

CGT Global products have been used in research and clinical projects around the world. Here are just a few examples of the medical research we support:

Non -invasive prenatal test development for prenatal screening for safe and healthy pregnancies

Liquid biopsy test development using blood samples to pre-screen for cancer patients

Cell-free DNA and DNA markers pre and post clinical device and blood tubes development

Medical device development for cardiac, ischemia, ortho, pre-natal, cancer, cord blood, etc

Graft vs. host studies, including transplant tissue, kidney, bone marrow, HLA screening, etc

Drug development and patient treatment plans

Learn more about us by reading our Case Studies.

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How Donors Help

Donors make a HUGE impact on the future of medicine by donating blood and bone marrow to research studies and clinical trials. Our state of the art CGT Clinics are focused on a comfortable experience for each and every blood and bone marrow donor. We accept and need a broad demographic of blood and bone marrow donors both healthy and those impacted by the disease. CGT Global is committed to being a resource for donors with our highly trained medical staff and our welcoming environment. Each center is making a great impact on the entire industry by accelerating research and clinical trials globally. Click on Collection Center to learn more about us.