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Disease State Leukopaks

Disease State Leukopaks

CGT Global offers IRB Approved Disease State Leukopaks for Research Use Only (RUO) purposes. We offer fresh or frozen Disease State Leukopaks to best fit your research needs. Our FDA registered clinics can provide Leukpaks from over 25 different disease types to accelerate research and cures. We will be your partner in research with highly attentive customer service.


The CGT Difference:

  • Highly Customizable Products
  • Diverse Donor Pool
  • IRB Approved Protocols
  • CLIA Certified Diagnostic Testing
  • Custom Cell Isolations
  • HLA typing
  • Extensive Donor Information
CGT Global - Landing Page Desktop Prototype
CGT Global - Landing Page Desktop Prototype

Disease State Leukopaks - Disease Types

Cardiovascular Diseases
Respiratory Diseases
Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal Disorders
Neurological Diseases
Genetic & Congenital Disorders
Gastrointestinal Diseases
Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases
AutoImmune & Rheumatic Diseases
Infectious Diseases

Your Cells, Your Way!


  • Recallable and repeat donors (pending the health of the donor)
  • Specific donor demographics (age, weight, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Donor lifestyle characteristics (BMI, smoker/non-smoker, etc.)
  • Medical history (allergies, medications, etc.)
  • HLA, RhD, and ABO typing available
  • Additional infectious disease screening (CMV, etc.)


  • Custom vialing sizes and cell counts


  • Customizable packaging options
  • Cryo shipping available
  • FedEx®, World Courier®
  • Same day delivery in select cities
  • Global shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

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Headquartered in Folsom, California, CGT Global is a leading global provider of human primary cells, stem cells, bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood, and disease-state products. Our products are used for research and development, clinical trials, and commercial production of cell and gene therapies (allogeneic or autologous) by academic, biotech, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and contract research organizations (CRO’s).  

CGT Global is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has over a dozen global distribution partners and 3 brick-and-mortar cellular clinics in the United States, outfitted with GMP certified laboratories. It has been ranked by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.