Donor Compensation

Compensations For Your Time, Every Time

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Compensations For Your Time

Becoming a blood donor is a great way to support essential biomedical research. CGT provides financial compensation for your time and effort on each donation you are eligible for. Learn what collections we are currently taking below and the compensation given per appointment for your time.

Interested in learning more about our blood donations?

Initial Donor Screening

$25 / Appointment

Small Blood Donations

$50 / Appointment

Large Blood Donations

$100 / Appointment

Apheresis (White Blood Cell) Donation

$150 / Appointment

Bone Marrow Donation

$250 / Appointment

Mobilized Apheresis Donation

Up To $1000 / Appointment

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What our donors say

"I started donating blood with CGT Global in support of my husband and good friend who are both living with autoimmune conditions. Researchers need blood to help them develop new treatments. I encourage others to donate as well. It's a simple thing to do to help others.”



"CGT Global is fabulous. The building is clean, and the donation process is sterile and quick. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I stopped donating at a local blood donation center because the process at CGT Global is so much more enjoyable. And the doctor also makes marrow donation nearly painless.”



Got a Question?

Read our FAQs to answer your questions regarding the different types of donations, donor requirements, and our donation process.