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How to Become a Donor

At CGT Clinics, your blood donation is a valuable tool in the advancement of life-saving research. Unlike standard blood donations, your blood will not be used to directly treat patients. Because our blood donation requirements are less restrictive, far more people are eligible to donate.

Follow our step-by-step guide below to become a blood donor!

Step by Step Guide to Donating

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Click or Call to Schedule Initial Appointment

Click here to find a location near you to schedule your first donor appointment. For returning donors, please call 877-900-STEM

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On-Site Health Screening

Your initial appointment will be a health screening. This appointment takes less than 30 minutes and includes a questionnaire and a small blood draw. We will use the blood drawn during this appointment to match you with compatible research projects to determine where your blood donation will be the most useful. You will receive a $25 gift card for your time and effort. Please remember to bring a valid ID to your appointment.

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You’ve Been Matched!

Once your health screening is complete and your blood draw shows you meet our blood donor eligibility requirements, we’ll match you to an open research project. If you agree to participate in the program, we will schedule a donation appointment.

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Blood Donation Appointment

Once you have been matched to a compatible research project we can begin the donation process. Your blood donation will take place in one of our private and comfortable donation rooms where we will provide refreshments and entertainment. You will receive your compensation immediately after your blood donation in appreciation for your time and effort. Please remember to bring a valid ID to your appointment.

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Now that you have become one of CGT Clinics’s trusted blood donors, we would love to match you with future research projects! You can take a look at our different types of blood donation opportunities here, or you can contact our scheduling department to see if we have any immediate project needs.

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Refer and Earn

We hope you enjoyed your experience at CGT Clinics! By becoming a blood donor for medical research, you have made a lasting impact on the future of healthcare. With our Bring-a-Buddy Loyalty Program, for each friend that you refer to CGT Clinics, you'll earn $10 on your reloadable credit card, once they complete their initial health screening.

We are asking for donations from people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. Have a question if you may qualify?  Call or email our scheduling department for more information.

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What our donors say

"I started donating blood with CGT Global in support of my husband and good friend who are both living with autoimmune conditions. Researchers need blood to help them develop new treatments. I encourage others to donate as well. It's a simple thing to do to help others.”



"CGT Global is fabulous. The building is clean, and the donation process is sterile and quick. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I stopped donating at a local blood donation center because the process at CGT Global is so much more enjoyable. And the doctor also makes marrow donation nearly painless.”



Got a Question?

Read our FAQs to answer your questions regarding the different types of donations, donor requirements, and our donation process.