Donor Requirements + Eligibility

Our top priority every day is ensuring the safety and privacy of our donors.  Secondly, it is to deliver a quality product to scientists around the globe based on their requests for specific products to meet their research needs.  Those requests lead to our collection centers scheduling specific donors for certain projects. 

Research projects have criteria for the samples we collect based on the requirements of their study. Common criteria considered for studies are:

  • Gender
  • smoking status
  • blood type
  • medications
  • ethnicity
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Age

The status of the criteria do not disqualify you from being a donor with StemExpress but may limit you from donating for some projects. While other projects aren’t as specific, there are also strict guidelines around age. These are to protect the health of our donors and are broken down by donation type:

  • Apheresis Collection: 18 yrs. and older
  • Mobilized Apheresis: 18 yrs. and older
  • Bone Marrow Collection: 18 – 55 Yrs.
  • Disease State Blood Collection: 18 yrs. and older
  • Maternal Blood Collection (Confirmed Pregnancy): 18 yrs. and older
  • Whole Blood Collection (2 mL to 500 mL): 18 yrs. and older

Are you interested in donating? Check out all of our blood donation center locations to find the one nearest you.