KFBK & NPR Interviews with CGT Global

CGT Global the future of healthcare - Final mile to the patient

THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE Our own Cate Spears, CEO and founder of CGT Global, was just interviewed on two major news media outlets.  Nationally recognized broadcaster Cristina Mendosa from KFBK and Vicki Gonzales from NPR‘s CapRadio. Both interviews discuss our innovative collaboration to deliver cell and gene therapies across the globe. LISTEN NOW We encourage…

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Top-Tier Quality

Top Tier Quality Products and services

TOP-TIER QUALITY  Biotechnology is a rapidly evolving industry which has the potential to revolutionize the Healthcare field. As the biotechnology industry continues to advance ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of the products and processes are maintained at every step becomes critical to everyone in the field.  This is where CGT Global plays a pivotal…

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Meet our Laboratory Team

CGT Global: Peel into our laboratory's expertise

  CGT Global is thrilled to introduce you to the incredible members of our laboratory team who make the magic happen every day. Bryan: The Fearless Leader With an analytical mind and a passion for innovation, Bryan spearheads our lab projects, ensuring precision and excellence in every isolation and custom project. Eliona: The Hotshot Scientist…

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CGT Global Launches CellsExpress Bulk Cell Isolation

StemExpress Launches CellsExpress Bulk Cell Isolation Researchers can maximize their isolated cell output, saving valuable time and budget better spent on their research. FOLSOM, Calif. , /PRNewswire/ — As a trusted provider of high-quality isolated human stem and immune cells for over a decade, StemExpress is now proud to offer select isolated products in bulk…

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AARC Annual Meeting 2022

March 11, 2022 (NEW ORLEANS, LA) – StemExpress is excited to attend the AACR Annual Meeting, April 8-13, 2022, where we will join the innovative minds in the clinical space to discuss the importance of picking partners from product development to clinical commercialization. As more cancer therapies move through clinical approval, our company mission is…

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CGT Global Opens Facility In Northern Nevada

RENO, Nev., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — StemExpress is excited to announce that we will be opening our eighth facility with our newest location in Reno, Nevada. The property development will include a state-of-the-art cell collection center as well as a large-scale warehouse that contains a centralized shipping location for the company. The site will also be a new…

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Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells: A Brief Review

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) are a diverse mixture of highly specialized immune cells that play key roles in keeping our bodies healthy. This brief review tells a short story about PBMCs starting with their origin, the different immune cells within the PBMC fraction, isolation of these cells and how to characterize them, and once…

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Running for health and to support local charities!

Way to go StemExpressers! Running for health and to benefit local charities in Sacramento at the California International Marathon. What an inspiration to see so many people out running and so many awesome supporters cheering everyone on! [layerslider id=”113″]   embed code youtube .newst{position:relative;text-align:right;height:420px;width:520px;} #gmap_canvas img{max-width:none!important;background:none!important}

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The StemExpress Foundation is in need of cancer patients, and other with diseases, to donate blood for research. Read the inspirational story of Meagan Shull, a cancer survivor, and her experience donating to the StemExpress Foundation. You can find the article below, or download the full PDF here. Interested in donating blood? Learn more here.

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