Meet our Laboratory Team

Peek into our laboratory's expertise


CGT Global is thrilled to introduce you to the incredible members of our laboratory team who make the magic happen every day.

Bryan: The Fearless Leader
With an analytical mind and a passion for innovation, Bryan spearheads our lab projects, ensuring precision and excellence in every isolation and custom project.

Eliona: The Hotshot Scientist
Eliona’s infectious energy and positivity light up our lab. Her dedication to detail and constant curiosity makes her essential to our success.

Marcus: The Next In Line
Calm and in charge, Marcus brings fresh perspectives to our team. His support knows no bounds when it comes to tackling challenging projects and pushing boundaries.

Haris: The Hustler
With determination in his veins, Haris tackles challenges head-on. His tenacious work ethic and adaptability keep our lab running smoothly, delivering top-notch isolations and custom projects.

Andy: The Veteran
Precision and patience are Andy’s middle names. His steady hands and commitment to perfection ensure that each project leaving our lab is a true work of art.

Georgina: The Fast Learner
Georgina is the newest member of our team.  She is learning fast and working hard every day to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Together, they form an unstoppable team, dedicated to excellence in processing isolations and custom projects. Click the icons below to learn more about how CGT Global’s laboratory team can help advance your research!

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