EIN Presswire: CGT Global Selected as Strategic Partner to Expand Cell and Gene Therapies Across the United States

FOLSOM, CA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — CGT GLOBAL, a company dedicated to expanding access and scalability of cell and gene therapies, has announced a major collaboration with global company Orgenesis (NASDAQ: ORGS) through its subsidiary Octomera. Orgenesis has 60 cell and gene therapy mobile laboratories currently deployed in Europe and Asia. CGT Global was selected to become an exclusive partner in the United States due to its extensive cell isolation expertise and expansive healthcare partnerships.

“The missions of the two companies are complementary”, explains CGT Global CEO Cate Spears. “At CGT Global, we have been creating a network of hospitals and our own clinics across the United States. Our goal is to ensure that all patients, regardless of location and financial status, can have access to life-saving cell therapies.” CGT Global is working to achieve FDA-approval with Orgenesis for their OMPULS (mobile laboratories) which will be placed next to CGT Clinics or healthcare partners of CGT Global so that these cell therapies will be able to be delivered quickly, affordably, and safely to patients.

Cell and gene therapies start with human cells. These cells can be genetically engineered to have different patient outcomes than traditional medicines and surgery. These modified cells essentially become living drugs that can heal and replace diseased organs or damaged tissues. This line of medicine, often called cell and gene therapy, has the potential to provide curative therapies to patients impacted by diseases that currently have no cure.

“Decentralized manufacturing for life-saving cancer treatments, based on a cell and gene therapy product made from the patient’s own immune cells, is another milestone towards bringing affordable cures to patients in need. I am proud to be able to facilitate this collaboration between Orgenesis and CGT Global”, says Gerhard Bauer, president of GBauerGMP LLC, Professor ret. UC Davis Health. Bauer is one of the leading innovators in cell therapy laboratory development and is providing his expertise to this collaboration between CGT Global and Orgenisis.

For more information on how you can partner with CGT Global please go to: https://cgt.global/for-healthcare-partners/contact-us-cgt/

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