Science – it’s in their blood

Jennifer Lee, Regional Sales Representative and her daughter Molly Lee


When Jennifer Lee was a high school senior, one of her assignments was to write a research paper on any topic of her choice. She chose to write about stem cells and their potential to improve people’s lives. Fast forward years later and it’s no surprise that she’s part of StemExpress.

But it wasn’t a direct line to StemExpress. She had a few stops along the way.

At the University of Colorado, she earned her degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering where she helped a professor create an artificial heart valve using stem cells. She also interned at an organization that focused on human tissue engineering, and at one of her first jobs after college, she worked in a lab that could detect early signs of prostate cancer.

The common theme along the way, however, was her love of science and the potential that she saw in it to help people.

Today, Jennifer is a sales representative at StemExpress, and one of the most exciting aspects of her job is working directly with medical researchers.

I think research is very important,” said Jennifer. “It’s really exciting to find ways StemExpress can partner with clients to help diagnose and treat diseases. I’m encouraged by what I see. I know what they are working on today will impact my life in some way down the road.

Jennifer not only supports her clients by fulfilling their requests for blood and tissue samples, but she’s also a donor.

During her pregnancy, she donated small amounts of blood to help researchers develop less invasive prenatal testing, and after the birth of her daughter, she donated her placenta and umbilical cord blood. She whole-heartedly believes in the mission of StemExpress and the power that research has to help save lives.

Jennifer’s life is a bit busier these days as she and her husband welcomed baby Molly earlier this year. And to help ease the transition into being a working mom, Jennifer appreciates the baby-at-work policy at StemExpress. As Jennifer leaves for work, she not only brings her purse and laptop, but she also packs a diaper bag with baby Molly in tow.

Jennifer’s love of science is both a personal and professional passion, and if baby Molly follows in her mom’s footsteps, the future looks bright for generations to come.