CGT Global Collection Center launches new Arlington, MA location


A Stem Cell Collection Center has opened in your neighborhood at 50 Mill Street, Arlington MA 02476.

StemExpress Collection Centers collect blood and bone marrow to support scientists around the world who are racing to unlock cures for diseases like diabetes and heart disease. You can help by providing just a small blood sample. In your blood there are millions of cells scientists need to do their work. StemExpress can provide those cells directly to research institutes globally, and to leading institutes right here in Boston!

We are looking for both healthy and diseased donors, age 18+. Researchers studying cancer, acute myeloid (AML) leukemia, and Parkinson’s to name a few, are in desperate need of cells for their work to continue.

We are so excited to be in Arlington, and we know that we will build an awesome community of donors here with your help.

Learn more here and schedule your appointment today!