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STEM Education

Supporting Future Leaders in STEM

Science and technology are the foundations of global innovation. Through communications, transportation, healthcare, and overall human advancement, we are continuously inspired to invent and explore. The StemExpress foundation strives to support our future scientists through our many STEM education programs. We act as a catalyst, opening doors to new opportunities for bright young minds in underrepresented communities. Through scholarship programs, paid internships, and community outreach, StemExpress is fostering innovation and paving the way for future leaders in STEM.

Supporting Women in Science

CGT Global is a female-owned organization that advocates for women in the science and research sectors. We believe that equal opportunities and compensation for women substantially benefits scientific innovation. Our foundation partners with community organizations to educate and inspire young women interested in pursuing various careers in STEM.

STEM Internships

There is no greater teacher than experience. At CGT Global, we offer paid internships for young science minded individuals who are looking to pursue careers in a number of fields. Our internships open doors to possible long-term job opportunities in STEM fields, as well as marketing, accounting and business development.