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Cate Dyer Biocom California Feature
StemExpress CEO and Founder, Cate Dyer

Biocom California recently sat down with Cate Dyer, CEO & Founder of StemExpress to hear what it took to bring her vision to life and how the company built an end-to-end COVID-19 testing solution in a matter of weeks from the very beginning of the pandemic.

The article discusses (1) the roots of StemExpress, (2) Cate’s vision for the future of the industry and the role of StemExpress in supporting this future, (3) the importance of building a culture in your company; and (4) the crucial need to empower career development, leadership, and entrepreneurship for women in STEM.

More About Cate Dyer, CEO and Founder of StemExpress

Cate Dyer is the CEO & Founder of StemExpress, the leading global provider of human-derived biological products and services for biomedical research, drug discovery, process development, and cell and gene therapy companies. Through the company’s FDA-registered GMP/GTP-compliant collection centers, StemExpress delivers the highest quality products and services to scientists and clinicians across the world.  

Mrs. Dyer is passionate about business, company culture, and fueling regenerative medicine and translational research. Her work aims to positively impact the lives of millions by accelerating the cure and prevention of significant medical conditions at life-changing speed. 

Mrs. Dyer is the recipient of many notable awards, including 2021’s CEO of the Year from the Sacramento Business Journal and the coveted 2021 Businesswoman of the Year from the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Under Mrs. Dyer’s leadership, StemExpress was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. from Inc. 500. Mrs. Dyer serves on the Board for the University of California, Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and remains active in supporting STEM initiatives for aspiring young scientists.