Meet the East Norriton Crew

We are proud of our East Norriton StemExpress Collection Center team. The three-person team runs our collection center like a well-oiled machine. Day in and day out they do their part in accelerating research by taking great care in our donors, center, and getting research products shipped to researchers across the globe that are active…

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Stay Hydrated

Advice to our Donors We asked our StemExpress staff “what advice would you give to our donors?” and were shocked to see most of our staff answered the same way. Most of them said DRINK MORE WATER. Why is that important? About half of your blood is made up of water so it’s very important to…

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Donor Requirements + Eligibility

Our top priority every day is ensuring the safety and privacy of our donors.  Secondly, it is to deliver a quality product to scientists around the globe based on their requests for specific products to meet their research needs.  Those requests lead to our collection centers scheduling specific donors for certain projects.  Research projects have…

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What Happens to My Blood After I Donate?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your blood after you donate? Follow the Stemexpress roadmap and find out where your donation goes. What to learn more about StemExpress, check out our FAQs page. Are you interested in donating? Click this LINK to check out all of our locations to find the one nearest you. 

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Big Day of Giving

The 2020 Big Day of Giving Is Here! StemExpress Foundation is participating in the annual community-wide movement uniting the region’s nonprofit sector during The Big Day of Giving being held on May 7th.  This initiative raises unrestricted funds for organizations that strengthen the capital area. Since 2013, the Big Day of Giving has generated nearly…

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A Message from our CEO

In areas that are “shelter-in-place” or ordered to “stay at home,” we are still open and able to accept donors into our facilities and donors are able by law to travel to and from our facilities. Below is our Essential Business Status – Critical Infrastructure Verification and Donor Authorization Travel form.

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As our daily norms continue to change due to the COVID-19 virus the overall messaging that we must all do our part to keep ourselves and each other safe remains the same. Only essential businesses are permitted to remain open. Similar to a hospital, grocery store, or pharmacy, donating blood is essential to ensure the health of our communities.

The work we do here at StemExpress is considered essential and therefore we will remain open at all of our locations throughout the United States.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert

We cannot thank you enough for your donation at StemExpress.  As the Coronavirus begins to have an increased impact on our communities, we wanted to connect and inform you of the steps we are taking to keep everyone healthy and safe. Our collection centers are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. We are also…

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Experience the CGT Global Difference

At StemExpress, our goal is to make each blood and bone marrow donation a positive experience from start to finish. Here are seven reasons why donating with StemExpress is unique, different and enjoyable.  Personable and Friendly Staff The StemExpress team takes time to get to know our amazing donors and treats them like family. But…

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Meet Dustin, a Passionate CGT Global Donor

Dustin is passionate about research. Here’s why.

Why is Research Important to You? 

Since I’ve been diabetic for nearly 27 years, I am a big supporter of stem cell research. I’ve seen a lot of advances in science in regards to diabetes ever since I got it when I was 14. 

I know what it is like firsthand to live with something that I didn’t ask for. There are some days when I have to force myself to go out and do things, I mean I got a 6-year-old son I have to take care of. I got to go to work. I got to do normal life things every day, and it can be hard a lot of times with diabetes.

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