Just 3 Words

If you were to Google “how many words are in the English language”  you would see that there are 171,476 words. We asked our employees to use only 3 words to describe StemExpress.  We were elated to hear words like “essential” and “innovative”. Our culture here is collaborative, fast-paced and rewarding as we are driven to stay on the forefront and work diligently every day of the week, including holidays to partner with our donors to deliver essential products that lead to solutions for researchers around the globe that use innovation to bring treatment and cures to disease.

How would you describe us? 

We’d love to hear from you, our donors.  Your input is critical to our success, we take your feedback to heart and will be used to improve our donor experience please share about your experiences with our collection centers and staff.  Your opinion matters greatly to us and could be influential to others considering becoming a donor with us.  

Please share your feedback with us through online reviews on sites like  Google or Yelp or share your experiences directly with us.  We’d love to hear what you think of our facilities, staff, and overall experience using the link below. 

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