CGT Global hires Joshua A. Wood, PhD, MBA as Vice President of Clinical Operations

May 29, 2012, Placerville, CA StemExpress, a leading supplier of biomedical materials to scientific research facilities, is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Joshua A. Wood, PhD, MBA to its executive team as Vice President of Clinical Operations, working extensively with stem and other primary cell isolation techniques.

Within this role, Dr. Wood will investigate the isolation and characterization of stem and primary cells from unique tissue sources.

“I was attracted by the company’s mission to continue to investigate and learn about stem cells and cell biology overall, ” Dr. Wood said. “I believe that the credibility and innovation that StemExpress strives to achieve will bring even more quality to the products they supply to researchers.”

Dr. Wood earned a doctoral degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, as well as a Masters in Business Administration, from University of Nevada, Reno, and completed a two-and-a-half-year postdoctoral fellowship from University of California, Davis. His research focused on the underlying mechanisms and treatment of cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, and wound healing.

He has also been published over a dozen times, most notably in Hepatology with a paper entitled “Distinct contribution of human cord blood-derived endothelial colony forming cells to liver and gut in a fetal sheep model” and five other publications in the top-rated journal, Biomaterials.

Adds StemExpress CEO, Cate Dyer, “Dr. Wood’s background work and scientific credibility add an additional element of expertise to our lab. We are very excited about the scientific innovations we expect from Dr. Wood”

About StemExpress
StemExpress is a California company dedicated to providing biomedical researchers with human blood, tissue products, primary cells, and the clinical specimens needed to perform their research. With the increasing demand for rare materials and services in the research community, StemExpress is driven and determined by personal stories of success, adversity, and triumph. Each team member is dedicated to providing the global research community with the materials necessary to gain new insight, ask new questions, and provide hope to the human experience.