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How can a single donation of blood for research impact the research community? With the partnership between StemExpress and researchers around the world, one sample can do a lot!

“One patient could help a disease study in multiple places versus just being limited to one researcher at one university,” according to Dr. Michael Chez, a pediatric neurologist with Sutter Medical Center.

“If you have multiple people doing the work, it just amplifies how quickly things get done and the statistical power of that type of research. This is exponentially changing the algorithm of how research will be done in disease,” adds Dr. Chez.

Scientists at major universities and pharmaceutical companies need more cells from people diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases to do their cutting-edge medical research, and Folsom’s StemExpress is leading the way nationwide. Company CEO Cate Dyer is trying to get out the word to potential donors that their blood is essential to this work.

A single donation can take part in accelerating the research of finding new treatments or a cure for a debilitating disease. Read the full article HERE.

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