CGT Global Exhibiting at CAR-TCR Summit 2019


Join StemExpress at CAR-TCR Summit 2019
There is growing excitement and momentum in the field of cellular therapy fuelled by two approved CAR-T products moving full steam ahead to global approval. However, despite these amazing achievements, both drugs are currently struggling on the market and have only treated a handful of patients to date due to challenges in manufacturing scale-up, the ability to meet patient demands alongside payers and healthcare providers who are unable to make this therapy widely available.

The CAR-TCR Summit promises to encapsulate this excitement while outlining the key challenges limiting commercial and clinical products, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the full pharmaceutical value chain of CAR-TCR therapies.

Across 15 Strategic Dives, 6 Tracks of content, 3 Focus day agendas and lots more, join fellow CAR-TCR pioneers from across pharma, biotech, regulatory bodies, academia, solution and service providers.