Hope for Our Industry

Like you, our employees have dreams and hopes for a better future. Sometimes our dreams lead us to get married, or buy a house, but when was the last time you had hope for a healthier future? Sounds strange, right? We asked our staff what their hopes for our industry are and here’s what we heard.

  • I hope that the stigma around stem cell research be stifled
  • I hope to be able to make a difference in my lifetime
  • I hope that the stem cell industry makes an AMAZING breakthrough

In the field of Research and Development in the life science space, it takes more than just scientists to make a breakthrough. To develop a drug or treatment research starts with an idea but blossoms into full research discovery effort from basic discovery through clinical trials.  With your help, an amazing breakthrough may be right around the corner. The blood and bone marrow you donate is vital in #advancingscience and improving the lives of those who are affected by medical conditions and injuries. Your donations are used from the onset of discovery through clinical trials in developing assays to test new diagnostics, in testing different drug treatments, and assessing their safety, impact, and implications. Your donations are very important but you can do more.   The stigma and misinformation about what StemExpress and other scientists do with the blood and tissue collected by your donations can be misinterpreted, but by educating your inner circle, including your friends and family, you can help people understand the importance of research and advancing scientific knowledge.  

Together we can make a difference in our lifetime!