CGT Global Exhibiting at the 27th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference



StemExpress Exibiting at the 27th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

The event and conference team at Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) proudly presents the 27th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference at the beautifully remodeled Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco’s downtown district. This dedicated team, with a long tenure, continues to host one of the most comprehensive and leading industry events made available in the personalized medicine space today. The 2020 event will focus on emerging therapeutic, diagnostic, and technology approaches to advance precision medicine. We create a community to learn and make connections that are unique, impactful, and have lasting returns.

The Tri-Conference unites an ecosystem of over 3,100 innovative thinkers and thought leaders in the field of drug discovery, development and diagnostics, informatics, and digital health throughout pharma, biotech, and academia from around the world. The Tri-Conference remains one of the key industry meetings covering the latest trends, technologies, research breakthroughs, regulatory issues, and best practice examples of molecular and translational medicine advances, digital health, and bio-IT.

We know that being out of the office is a luxury that many may not be able to manage every year, so the Tri-Conference is streamlining our 5-day event into a 4-day event. The Tri-Conference will revert to our roots with three core conference focuses:

  • Conference 1: Precision Health
  • Conference 2: Digital Health
  • Conference 3: Bio-IT World Conference & Expo WEST

Precision Health offers eleven concurrent programs discussing the latest therapeutic and technology approaches to improve patient health. Key opinion leaders in immunotherapy, liquid biopsy, and cell and gene therapy will discuss the latest tools, clinical advances, and commercial applications of a broad range of diverse products for vast improvements in medicine and healthcare. Learn more about Precision Health programming here.

Digital Health offers two concurrent programs that bring together the key thought leaders in enabling technologies, pharma, healthcare, investors, and entrepreneurs to foster collaboration and innovation in the digitalization of medicine. Learn more about Digital Health programming here.

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo WEST offers four concurrent programs that build upon the success of our Boston-based 19th Annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. Bio-IT World Conference & Expo WEST explores data, infrastructure, and technology tools that drive scientific discoveries, improve patient health, and guide precision medicine. Learn more about Bio-IT World Conference & Expo WEST programming here.

The Tri-Conference & Bio-IT World Conference & Expo WEST continues to make important milestones in our industry where we have spent over 25 years in advancing applied science and technology. By attending this important scientific meeting, you will be inspired to learn and connect with others in your field to continue your work in advancing precision medicine. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco, CA March 1-4, 2020!

Learn more about the Tri-Conference 2020 Event Highlights and finer details of our three core conferences here.



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