What do donors look like?

Considering donating with StemExpress?

Have you ever considered donating blood for research, but wondered if you were qualified to donate? At StemExpress, donating is a simple process, and almost everyone is eligible to donate. Unlike with blood donated for blood banks, donating for research means almost everyone is eligible to donate. 

People who have new tattoos, piercings, traveled outside of the country, those who had COVID or members of the LGBTQ community can all donate with StemExpress. As long as the donor is over 18 years of age and meet our requirements, they can donate.

What does a donor look like?

Blood donors can be of any color, race, gender, height, and weight. Blood from all kinds of different people is needed, so, whether you are a 45-year-old white male, or an 18-year-old African-American female, or anything in between, you can come donate! 

Recently had a positive COVID-19 test result? We are seeking individuals that are COVID-19 positive or have recovered from COVID-19 infection to support scientists across the globe who are in need of these types of blood samples to help with projects in the development of treatments, vaccines, diagnostic and immunity testing. Your blood donation can aid in helping to find a cure!

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